INSIDE INSTAGRAM: it means different things to different people.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Should you be inspired by what you see on the gram? That mum blogger has just been gifted a skincare product and she’s talking about it, and promoting it to the best of her ability. Her skins glowing, but the only thing you can think of is that she’s got that product for free. Or should you be comforted by what appears on your feed? The mum posting about her baby with a cold and she’s struggling, she’s showing you her vulnerable side and asking for advice on the best nasal congestion clearer. 

Instagram means different things to different people. Some people have made careers from it, some people own businesses on it. Some people occasionally scroll and hardly ever like anything. Some people religiously scroll as a way of relaxation in the evening or on the train home. There’s a post option, a skip option, a mute option, a block, delete and never to be seen again option and what I’m trying to say is that, there’s just as many “options” for those who use social media and that’s OK.

AD, gifted, sponsored, paid partnership, I am fully aware of the controversy that surrounds these little words that can appear on posts. I’d like to think I’m surrounded by a loyal group of mums, dads, family and friends who really do help me and give me any advice or support especially when it comes to Jax but if I’m honest, if and when a brand approaches me, I am filled with worry just because of me questioning if its what people want to see from me. Should this be the case? (side note - if you do work with a brand, you are legally obliged to state if the product you’ve received is gifted, or if its an advert (AD) or if you are being paid to partner with the brand.)

Talking of #ADs, for me personally I know that if I’m going to be swayed by anyone to buy nappies, I’d rather check out what that toddler mum is raving about in her caption and use her discount code over a magazine, billboard or TV advert.  I’d rather support a fellow mum trying to make money and grow both via her socials and within herself. 

On the flip side, I totally get the people on Instagram that just want to unwind, they don’t want to be plugged with products when they scroll, they want to see cute babies and beaut sunsets, they want to hear about your shit day and relate to it and that’s fine too.

Instagram can be a really toxic place if you let it. People will always have opinions on what you show, and what you dont show, they'll even have opinions on your opinions if you share them.

I know it’s hard, but honestly, your life isn’t yours if you always worry what people think. Whatever you use the platform for is completely your prerogative, no one should feel judged or worry what others want to see from them. Plug away, moan, show off your new gifted product, post holiday spam, it’s YOUR space, do what makes YOU happy and in some cases, what pays your bills. All I know is that I'm here for it all.