Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I wanted to make a little section of my blog dedicated to sharing hacks and handy tips by myself and other parents for myself and other parents.

This particular hack is from an amazingly creative blog I found called The Imagination Tree by mum of 4 and author Anna.

Perfect for rainy days or days when you can’t leave the house for whatever reason (Asos deliveries etc I won’t judge!)

When Jax was house bound with a temperature, extremely irritated and bored I decided to make this recipe. Play dough is something that Jax has played with before at playgroup, he loves it which is why I wanted to make my own. It definitely kept him quiet for quite a while and it was so easy to make too!

What I particularly love about making this play dough at home, is that you have seen what exactly goes into the mixture and as a parent, you feel happier letting him get messy with something you’ve made and trust yourself.

This play dough takes about 5 minutes to make and lasts for about 6 months!

Here’s a link to Anna’s website where she details how to make it and what you’ll need. Anna explains it far better than I could!


Thank you Anna!