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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

You’d never think you’d say it while you’re sitting there, bouncing on your ball, swollen, hormonal and impatiently counting down the days until your due date, but the reality is, there ARE some things you’ll miss, once you’ve delivered your baby.

1. The Public Transport Seats

OK, so I’ve heard not all of us are offered seats during rush hour on public transport, but I was. I wore my “Baby on Board” badge with pride (not that I needed it). I really do miss my badge and bump when I’m getting elbowed left, right and center for a seat on a train.

2. Smiles from total strangers

Once you start showing, you become a public art installation. Everyone has a little look at you, and most of the time its greeted by a smile. The public become friendly (finally) and your new blossoming figure might even prompt some questions or well wishes.

3. Pull the Pregnancy Card

You can pretty much have an excuse for any kind of memory loss, daydreaming, forgetfulness or slowness. Forget where you’ve left your keys? Blame it on the growing baby. Don’t feel like rushing around? Blame it on the bump. Daydreaming at your desk? Blame it on the bubba consuming all that headspace.

4. Random Naps

I mean this ones self explanatory, if you fancy a nap, you go right ahead mama. Naps are practically prescribed while your pregnant. Its hard work GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN, no ones going to raise any eyebrows.

5. Pamper while pregnant

While I was pregnant I think I self-indulged in a pregnancy massage (or two). Book up a spa break, invest in some new clothes to fit your ever changing figure. Basically look after yourself, before your me time is gone and your time is taken up looking after your new addition.

6. Regular Check-ups

My midwife was really lovely. I see her occasionally when I visit my GP surgery and it brings back all the memories. You’ll miss hearing your baby’s heartbeat from inside your own body, its nothing short of a miracle really. Add to that your milestone scans, and the excitement and anticipation of seeing him or her on screen again.

7. Special Secret

Something is going on, and only you know about it. Its not often you grow your own surprise, unless were talking greenhouses. But in all seriousness, having a massive secret and making that announcement is so special.

8. Being taken care of

Foot rubs on demand, back rubs on a regular, everything is too heavy for you to carry and nothing is too much to ask. Exactly the way things should be… or at least until your baby is born and you’ve swapped never lifting a finger to avoiding a finger full of something when changing a nappy.

9. Bloated or bump

Never before have I been so comfortable in my own skin. After a big meal, no sucking your stomach in. Eaten too much? Nobody can tell regardless. That bump is covering a multitude of sins and of course you are very aware of your body while your pregnant, but look at it as a positive. Its kind of out of your control now so you might as well eat what you like and sit back and enjoy the ride, no one knows what you’ve just indulged in!

10. New sensations

In this day and age of finding everything out instantly with a google search, being pregnant brings a whole category of strange sensations and new feelings. I remember feeling the first kick, and the first hiccup. For 40 weeks, each day will probably bring something new and never before experienced; something to look forward to right?

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