Updated: Feb 20, 2019

1. 80% of babies have birthmarks. A birthmark is not an abnormality, it’s normal... Birthmarks occur when the tiny blood vessels under the skin are dilated during labor. Jax has a birthmark on his calf.

2. They can recognize their mumma’s personal scent just 3 days after birth! (Apologies Jax).

3. In the first three years of their life, babies forget everything they experience.

It’s called infantile amnesia’. Can you remember anything from being a baby?

4. Newborns don’t shed tears… because their tear ducts aren’t yet fully formed. That’s not to say they wont cry (a lot).

5. Babies have more bones that adults. As they grow up, some of the bones fuse together to form one bone. This is because babies have more cartilage than bone and new born babies have around 305 bones.

6. The most popular day to give birth is a Tuesday (I gave birth on a Sunday!).

7. A baby can breathe and swallow at the same time until they are around 7 months old. Crazy huh!? I know you’re all trying to do it...

8. Most babies are born within July, August and September. A peak in births in late September show that more babies are conceived in the weeks leading up to and days after Christmas than at any other time of the year.

9. A newborns heart beats double the speed of an adult (I noticed this and immediately worried about this when Jax was a newborn).

10. A baby’s head is super heavy. A babies' heads make up ¼ or 25% of the entire body weight

11. Babies first recognize the colour red. Some experts suggest newborns can only see black or white however, the first colour infants recognize is red. The last colours they recognise are blue and purple.

12. Female babies can have a period.

I couldn’t believe this either but believe it or not, babies absorb their mothers hormones in the womb. When they are born they still have some of that estrogen hormone in their bodies resulting in a mini period and even some lactation.

13. Babies suck their thumb in the womb.

Babies dont just begin sucking their thumb once born. It’s been shown on various ultrasounds that babies in the womb can suck their thumb already. I’ve got an ultrasound video of Jax doing exactly that!

14. Babies cry in the womb too.

Babies can cry after the 26th week of conception.

15. Babies prefer women’s voices.

They prefer higher pitch voices. It explains why we use our special, crazy high pitch baby voice when speaking to little ones. It works too right?!